MY TRIAD is a slide show created from photographs chosen from my Blog. This Blog I mention is a big part of my 

artistic language. It is a constant documentary of my life. Each day I set my camera on self-timer and make 

pictures of myself in my adventures and routines. Latter on I choose one to post it online. 

My Triad covers a year time. As the title suggests it is divided in 3 parts: Death, Love, Freedom.

First part Death- shows the period of my mother’s sickness and passing away (November 2013-April 2014).

Second part Love- depicts me meeting Michal and falling into a roller coster of very strong emotions; 

both good and bad (April 2014- October 2014).

The third part Freedom- shows me going back to New York after the year of absence (October 2014- November 2014).

My aim was to document one of the most important year of my life; loosing my mother, loosing my heart, regaining 

my identity. It is a life journey, take a look.

YouTube Video

My Triad
video / 8.30min / 2016 

THE TRACES The footage for this video was taken with my i-Pad on a trip to Cracow and Auschwitz. Visiting places 

of past elegance and past horror I am looking for the traces of my own Polish-Jewish identity. I am walking through 

the concentration camp trying to get in contact with the ghosts. I am facing my private drama of loosing my mother 

to brain cancer on a background of the universal tragedy of Holocaust. 

The shocking contrast yet similarity of those deaths raises the importance of life and love and the vulnerability 

of it all. Going through the grief was the time when I fell in love with Michal. There was a strong symbolical 

connection between us; we both lost our mothers at the age of 30 and we both were looking for comfort in our 

fragile pre-war heritage.  

In this journey I am trying to find the meaning of lost and pain. Big grief is the price for big love, that’s why 

I am loosing myself in his arms, searching for a relief. 

YouTube Video

The Traces
video / 4.27min / 2015

YouTube Video

The Ghost City I & II
video / 8.35min / 2016

YouTube Video

Promotional Video
video / 9.17min / 2016