The Lost Generation


The first part of the project focuses on 7 dates. The dates become the titles of the paintings,
stamped on the back as on archival photographs. They are supposed to take you back in time and
ask the question, “What is happening around those dates?”
The dates note events that happened in pre-war Germany when anti-Semitism became overt and influential.
I choose 7 for the sake of symbolism: this political Menorah is leading to the outbreak of WWII and
the destruction  of Jewish People. 
My main focus, though, is the child figure; frozen in the past, still alive, still innocent.

27.II.1933 / oil on canvas / 39x47in / 100x120cm / 2011

05.III.1933 / oil on canvas / 39x51in /100x130cm / 2011

21.III.1933 / oil on canvas / 39x51in / 100x130cm / 2011 

15.IX.1935 / oil on canvas / 39x51in / 100x130cm / 2011

10.XI.1938 / oil on canvas / 35x47in / 90x130cm / 2011

28.IV.1939 / oil on canvas / 39x51in / 100x130cm / 2011

01.IX.1939 / oil on canvas / 35x47in / 90x130cm / 2011

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