I would like like to paint the touch, eroticism in flesh and bone, overwhelming emotion, desire for love. 

All this happens between the lines as I expose my nudity in not clearly verbalised way. What I do is all 

about me, that is my individual truth put in front of the eyes, finally brave, without any mind pressure. 

I await definition of my personality in life and at work. This path is intuitive and the way of expression 

is very emotional. In my view art should refer to the foundation of our existence, human universe, 

that is the ability to feel.

The Persian Olympia 
oil on canvas / 150x160cm - 59x62in/ 2013

Self-portrait 7 
oil on canvas /140x150cm / 55x59in/ 2009 

Self-portrait 5
oil on canvas / 100x140cm - 39x47in / 2009

Self-portrait 6 
oil on canvas /100x140cm - 55x59in/ 2009

Self-portrait 4 
oil on canvas / 100x140cm - 39x47in/ 2009

Michael Jackson Tribute 
oil on canvas / 140x150cm - 55x59in / 2009

Self-portrait 3 
oil on canvas / 100x150cm - 39x59in / 2008

Self-portrait 2 
oil on canvas / 100x120cm - 39x51in / 2008

Self-portrait 1 
oil on canvas / 100x150cm - 39x59in / 2008