Where does the need to create come from?
I remember in the first year of my studies at the Warsaw Art Academy my teacher explaining the appearance 
of paintings in the prehistoric caves by the Horror Vacui theory- the fear of the emptiness. 
This sentence resonated in my head and I carry it on ever since. I finally understood why am I consumed 
by the need to create objects and ideas around me; it is to fill the emptiness.
I studied painting and I call myself a painter. This is a profession given to me by a diploma and hundreds 
of hours dedicated to master the skill. But if you asked me in my sleep I would confess that I am an Artist. To have such faith compares with madness. I tend to be detached from other views on reality. I lock myself in The Fantasy World where I set my rules and my goals. This is my comfort zone and my purpose of living. 
Every Artist to survive needs aesthetic phantoms. My muse remains the same, it is Time. I paint time. 
I can’t seem to stop it from running so I aim to document it’s passage. I map the pathway of becoming myself. I look for the collective archetypes in my remembrance.

Where does it start, where does it stop? I invite you for a journey in search for meaning. Take a look at what I have done. Tell me what you see? I offer to you the shapes and colours. Maybe they can signify something to you too. The beauty is just in reach.


Malgosia Malinowska was born in 1984 in Warsaw, Poland.
She mainly works in the medium of oil paint but includes video in her large scale installations.

She completed an MFA with honours and received the Prof. Jozef Szajna Award at The Warsaw Fine Arts
Academy in 2009. Afterward she continued her education at The Central Saint Martins College in London. Latter on she received a scholarship for the two years Studio Art Intensive Program at The National
Academy School in New York.

Coming from a Polish-Jewish family, she has focused on a topic of memory and cultural belonging.
In the project called "The Lost Generation" she created a series of paintings of children inspired by
historic photographs from the thirties found among archives of the Jad Vashem Holocaust Museum.
The project was exhibited at the 23rd annual Conference of Children of the Holocaust, at the Jewish Festival in Krakow, at the Warsaw Centre of Culture and at the National Academy Museum in New York.

Her recent passion is to document. For over four years she has been posting a photo a day capturing
the main events from her daily life on her blog. The photos are interrupted by essays where she speaks
about her life philosophy. It is a growing online diary with the goal of showing the creative process
of an artist during her regular routine.

Currently, she is preparing for an upcoming solo show in Warsaw. Her new series revolves around the subject of youth.


The National Academy School, New York
Studio Art Intensive Program
September 2012 - May 2015

Central Saint Martin's College of Art & Design, London
Foundation Art & Design
September 2010 - February 2011

The Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw
MAFA Faculty of Painting,
graduated with the Chancellor's Citation and award of professor Jozef Szajna
October 2004 - October 2009

Academia di Belli Arti di Brera, Milan
Socrates Erasmus Exchange Program
October 2006 - June 2007


Solo Selected:

Gallery Elector, Warsaw
January 2017

Studio Art Intensive Final Exhibition - The National Academy School, New York
March 2016

Gallery Elector, Warsaw
October 2013

23rd International Conference of Children of Holocaust, Warsaw
August 2011

Gallery Ateneum, Warsaw
November 2009

Gallery Ateneum, Warsaw
March 2008

Joined Selected:

National Museum in Warsaw
October 2017 

Creative Mischief 4th - The National Academy Museum, New York
May 2016

Creative Mischief 3rd - The National Academy Museum, New York
May 2015

ODA Gallery, Piotrkow Trybunalski
June 2013

Creative Mischief 1st - The National Academy Museum, New York
May 2013

Pionowa Gallery, Danzig
January 2010

Skwer Hoovera Gallery, Warsaw
October 2009